Hard News by Russell Brown

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Hard News: A picture of official callousness and detachment

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  • Russell Brown,

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 22843 posts Report Reply

  • Regan Cunliffe,

    Lots of words from Hon Andrew Little. He certainly can't be accused of substance abuse.

    Kaukapakapa • Since Mar 2007 • 6 posts Report Reply

  • linger, in reply to Regan Cunliffe,

    Little of substance indeed. :-/

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  • Moz,

    "I wish Katy and her son the very best"

    Sounds like his version of "thoughts and prayers".

    Sydney, West Island • Since Nov 2006 • 1233 posts Report Reply

  • Deep Blue,

    Most open, transparent and caring government, ever.
    If you talk the talk, you need to back it with actions.
    The “thoughts and prayers” analogy is apt.

    Te Awamutu • Since Sep 2014 • 12 posts Report Reply

  • steven crawford,

    It might be difficult for Andrew Little to back out of this politically. He’s part of a centrist government. Pretty much the same as the Key Government.

    The campaign to legalise cannabis for recreational use has been waged by the same people who were also campaigning to widen the *medical cannabis legislation. the two different things have been welded in the casual observers minds. Helios was running a massive billboard campaign during the run up to the referenda at the same time well known hard core stoners like Daktor were taking to the public stage and demonstrating how heavy cannabis use can in fact do damage.

    I read what Russell says and because it’s proper journalism, It’s given me a confordent understanding of the technical details. Plus my own lived experience. I get it. But I’m also part of the lunatic fringe and not taken very seriously. And that’s what Andrew Little is possibly scared of. What if something goes wrong – what if a green fairy starts getting involved in anti vexing behaviour or other scandals like trying to treat cancer with out consulting a doctor. That could lead to all sorts of muddy water if the minister had answered an open letter to the Green Party MP agreeing to allow the green fairies carte blanche. Many conservative voter probably think green fairies are pagan weirdos who wear funny hats. Some of them actually are weirdos that wear funny hats, I believe.

    Andrew Little is a crown minister, he has to maintain a perception of elevation, just as a district court judge sits on an elevated bench, and all rise and bow. Thats what it looks like he’s doing in his response letter. Demonstrating he’s top dog by using his moisturised academic writers fingers as tiny but danguosly dirty teeth.

    Chloe Swarbrick has had to front the entire push to even look at drug law reform almost entirely on her own. MP Chloe Swarbrick stands on a solid foundation. She’s authentic and here pecuniary interests are humble. Chloe is the real deal. She stands up for her convictions. However, the Greens didn’t get enough votes for that to matter to the Labour who are neoliberal centrists. That have a mandate to belittle and ignore anyone they want pretty much. And is expected of them by their cantor right supporters. That doesn’t mean some Labour MPs are capable of putting the interests of a minority ahead of their own personal careers. They just don’t have to because thats what happened in the polls.

    Andrew Little stepped aside to allow Jacinda Arden to work her mania magic, remember. She holds the authority of what Little is doing here, along with the rest of her cabinet. He’s the fall guy.

    *I’m just some guy. no idea if I’m using correct grown ups language or not and I might be on psychedelic drugs or something.

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  • Julian Buchanan,

    So sad and tragic. I can empathise because one of my sons has epilepsy (I dislike the label epileptic) which has failed to respond to the anti-epileptic pharmaceutical drugs

    The Misuse of Drugs Act is a shameful blot on our history.

    Why people haven't been rallying in support of the recommendation of Law Commission Review to rescind the law baffles me.

    It was back in 2011 after 3yrs work the Law Commission recommended the MDA be rescinded and replaced with a Health Act

    Why a decade of near silence on their recommendation?
    Here's one explanation:


    Wellington • Since Jul 2020 • 5 posts Report Reply

  • steven crawford,

    I've been thinking about this, and trying to figure out what's driving the callousness and detachment. It's not just this one isolated incident. And it's not just Andrew Little doing it.

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  • steven crawford,

    I think it’s fear.

    It’s cowardly people protecting their privilege.

    We don’t live under an Apartheid regime, thank god. But we do have racism going on that keeps generations of people traumatised and disempowered. Thats obvious. It’s clearly visible to even the untrained eye. We have excessive wealth inequality which keeps the power imbalances intact.

    The “liberal left” rationalisation for legalising and regulating the distribution of cannabis – that because Maori are disproportionately punished by prohibition – we are right, no question – you’re a dickhead if you don’t understand the virtuosity.

    If It had come from Iwi leaders, fine. But it’s been the liberal left. And on this Internet forum in particular. I’m definitely not opposed to drug law reform. Just uncomfortable about the way people have been going about it. Seems very self interested and stuck in a bubble.

    Here is a personal story. I protested the Springboc tour while I was a teenager. Even wound up on the rugby pitch in Hamilton. During one protest rally at Eden park we marched with a coffin that represented Steve Biko’s martyrdom. I didn’t know why Biko was held in high regard at the time. I didn’t understand my own privilege, and I didn't truly understand how power imbalances can cause generational trauma.

    Steve Biko was good at writing. He used that gift to provoke and confront the liberal left, in a way thats made me review who in hell I think I am.

    Have a little look

    Atlantis • Since Nov 2006 • 4442 posts Report Reply

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