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Speaker: Mum

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  • Shaun Scott,

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this

    Dunedin • Since Dec 2008 • 90 posts Report Reply

  • Fraser Gardyne,

    Nice. Good luck...

    Auckland • Since Nov 2009 • 22 posts Report Reply

  • fihep reyes,

    Wishing you strength and warmth as you navigate the memories and milestones without her presence. | top drywall contractor in lubbock

    Since Oct 2023 • 5 posts Report Reply

  • davidson,

    In the midst of a crisis, it's vital to assess what's working and what isn't. As we navigate the challenges of a pandemic, we must ask ourselves: what were we getting right and what were we getting wrong? Imagine the perspective of someone.


    Philippines • Since Aug 2021 • 13 posts Report Reply

  • AlanDMark,

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    USA • Since Nov 2023 • 1 posts Report Reply

  • fihep reyes,

    This is a touching tribute that encapsulates the enduring impact a loved one can have on our lives.

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    Since Oct 2023 • 5 posts Report Reply

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