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  • Robyn Gallagher,

    Fans of the acerbic television-watching Englishman will be interesting in his new series "You Have Been Watching". It's an hour-long quiz/panel show, where Brooker is joined by three guests, and they discuss the week in television.

    It has alerted me to the existence of "Deadliest Warrior" - an American programme which scientifically answers the age-old question "Who would win in a pirate vs ninja battle?"

    It probably helps if you have friends in England who regularly send you videotapes of British telly, but there are enough clips and context to enjoy the show on its own.

    Of course, you'll also need friends in England to get hold of episodes of YHBW, but I hear the YewChoobs might have it too.

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  • AlyssaPatterson,

    Happy to read here about Charlton "Charlie" Brooker who is an English satirist and broadcaster. "You Have Been Watching” is a really an excellent comedy quiz show which is one of my favorite TV show. Professionally I am an academic consultant and would like to share this information with my students who come to take University assignment help from me at Secure Assignment Help and also big fan of Charlie Brooker. Thanks.

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