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  • Hard News: High Noon,

    He also got you to say you don't have a problem with the concept downloading is illegal. you clearly answered no you don't.

    To the extent that it would permit a claim of an infringing copy in civil law, no I don't. That right exists for a reason. Reasonable people will argue as to by what mean and to what extent it should best be pursued and how that should nudge into actual criminal law,

    I might also point out that my proposal was for for a low-cost copyright court, modelled on the Disputes Tribunal, so Chris could pursue a claim there, rather than incur the expense of going to the High Court. I wasn't saying he shouldn't be able to pursue a claim. The copyright lobby's current position is that the ISPs should bear the cost of its claims, which I don't think is reasonable.

    I'm also of the mind that it's not reasonable that 92A mandates a penalty -- disconnect from the internet -- that no court or tribunal would.

    yet we have you giving people directions on how to download copyright material that is easily available from web stores.

    You've put quite some time into this, haven't you? Graeme was wondering whether a PBS TV jazz series would ever actually appear in Region 4 so he could pay money for it. The DVD you pointed to is Region 1. I wasn't really encouraging anyone to download it, and I didn't do so myself. The point was the weirdly broken business model.

    you said you don't file-share box-office movies or music then say you downloaded an NZ band specifically The Terminals album and from people you could easily contact if you needed to.

    Should I really have to write to every band I think might be good? I heard about that album and tried to find it on every download service I could think of, including Amplifier (they're on a tiny American label). I tried at Real Groovy. And then I bought it at first opportunity. I'm not sure that makes me the bad guy.

    But what's you personal stance, Rob, in light of your own admitted copyright infringements? This argument quickly becomes pointless. Do you think all the people who argued against format-shifting actually don't copy music to their iPods?

    Once again, reasonable people can disagree -- and argue on the radio -- about this. Gotcha isn't really an argument.

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  • Hard News: High Noon,

    Remind me not to have a dinner party ...

    Right. Chris is a good guy, and a friend, and the discussion was vigorous but never nasty.

    But he did immediately jump down my throat, and what he said I took to be indicative of what the other side of this argument are telling themselves.

    1. The first thing he said was that I was just trying to clear the way for piracy without consequences, or something. It was a silly and unhelpful thing to say.

    2. He did claim that Telecom, "the biggest lobbying machine in the country" had been putting pressure on the government and that was why John Key was jammed into reverse in his conversation with Mikey. The only thing to say about this is that it indicates Chris doesn't have a clue what's going on this week. What's putting pressure on the government is the flood of emails going into Simon Power's office. The idea that it's some black ops by Telecom is just plain wrong.

    But if I hadn't been driving on the motorway (and if I'd been able to get a word in properly) I'd have had time to lead Chris to a logical conclusion.

    If I accept his contention that the law is fine but it relies on the TCF draft code of conduct, which needs fixing -- and agreement on that seems months rather than weeks away -- then in what sense can it possibly be wise to bring the law into force?

    It's possibly the single strongest point. The law doesn't work without the code, and the code isn't there. So why would you enact the law next week?

    I don't want much. I'll settle for a six-month delay on Section 92A so the idea can be properly assessed. In the circumstances, I think that's a very logical position.

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  • Legal Beagle: Three strikes (w/ updates),

    Thanks Graeme. I am somewhat relieved to hear that the bill isn't quite as bad as those in US states. Three strikes has been a disaster in California.

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  • Hard News: High Noon,

    Don't go looking for me at the public demonstration. There was a little booking whoopsie and I now won't be landing in Welly until 12.30. Oh well. At least I can get some work done while I wait ...

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  • Hard News: The Public Bad,

    Celebrate with me good folk! It is, this day, the 25th year since 'tbp' was launched upon an unsuspecting world. Whoever would've thought it would turn up in Czechoslovakian?


    What a wonderful achievement.

    It makes me think that it's nearly that long since someone showed me a copy of the Spiral edition and said, there's something special going on with this book ...


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  • Hard News: The Public Bad,

    What was Seth's Speyside? That bottle rocked.

    The Glen Rothes 1994.

    Fruity right out the top of the bottle and it felt lovely in my mouth.

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  • Hard News: The Public Bad,

    Recommend some classics, well that rather depends on your own predilictions doesn't it? For eg while I am generally all over Islays that excludes Bruichladich and Laphroaig, but your mileage may differ. However wrt Islay you can't go past Ardbeg and Caol Ila, the most balanced of them.

    I supped a Springbank 15yo at the weekend, followed by a Caol Ila. Which was probably the wrong order to go about it, but, still, the contrast was remarkable.

    I know you deeply disapprove of Speyside Peter, but I think the BenRiach range offers a great malt for the money, especially when they're charging $149 for Laphroiag these days. Some of them are even peated!

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  • Hard News: Blackout Bingo!,

    Spotted the cover of the current issue of Newsweek today: We Are All Socialists Now

    Here's the story

    And a blog post with the same title by Sullivan. From October .,,

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  • Speaker: Copyright Must Change,

    Apologise to Sacha


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  • Speaker: Copyright Must Change,

    Mark, that's a VERY useful blog post.

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