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  • Ways to Go,

    I'd rather not be embalmed, just let the worms etc get stuck in. My only concrete request at this stage is that they play You're Gonna Miss Me as they carry me out of the place where the service is held

    Oooh. That gives me an idea for the disco part of the proceedings: Turntable Orchestra's 'You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone'. Perfect ...

    A heartbreaking moment:

    We recently buried my 2 year-old nephew. After tea and sandwiches at his grandmother's house, my son asked who was going to go and collect Pressie, cos he'll be lonely and scared in the hole we'd put him in.

    Phew ...

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  • Hard News: Bean-Counting the Beat,

    __'Bliss' is as much a part of our music history as any other song that Dave Dobbyn performs,__

    true and if you were around at the time it came out you'd be hard pushed to hear it on the airwaves. what's your point?

    I'm not sure about 'Bliss', which was almost a posthumous release anyway, but I recall that 'Be Mine Tonight' did get played on the radio. And it really stood out. I can actually recall the first time I heard it (post-school holiday with my mates at Woodend Beach) and I thought, what the hell's that?

    There was actually a brief period when the commercial network was still in public ownership and the ZM stations got more or less adventurous. I think even Toy Love got some play.

    3ZM in Christchurch was really okay for a while. You could even take your demo tape in to Mark 'Mainline' Morgan and he'd play it on a Sunday night. You could just buzz at the door and go in and see the guy right there in the studio ...

    I remember writing an indignant letter when ZM went "commercial" again.

    I really think there was a sadly missed opportunity when some new frequencies were released in Auckland, and Blackie, Botica et al, put up money for 89FM, which was supposed to be a "real" music station. They hired some interesting on-air people, including Andrew Boak and a game lassie from student radio called Fiona Rae.

    But they spent so much their lavish set-up that operating such a station was never really viable, they imported Australian radio consultants and it all got sucked back into the machine.

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  • OnPoint: Colby Blues,

    In any case, crazed and inaccurate rhetoric can be found on the other side of the spectrum, case in point the NZ Herald's Your Views section.

    See comments along the lines of "I earn $80k a year and this budget will make me worse off!"

    I had a look yesterday. It is the place of utter unreason.

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  • Hard News: Bean-Counting the Beat,

    The Brunettes, The Ruby Suns, The Phoenix Foundation. And Cassette, Connan & The Mockasins, SJD, Dimmer...yawn bro yawn.

    What about me ? It isnt fair. Iv'e had enough now i want my share. Can't you see. I wanna live but you just take more than you give.

    Never so true a lyric was written about electronica and hiphop. For all BS justification and self congratulatory backslapping. It's still all a little back asswards looking and pandering to the safe crusty old tradition of boring indy styled lo fi guitar bands. I'm still not seeing the turnaround to a brighter future, an exit strategy from the invasion of mediocrity assulting our airwaves , anything that inspires me to think this is the guy to lead us into the digital age and i'm afraid for all his protestations i'm now more than ever convinced he is not.

    I think you just jumped the shark. Have a self-serving whine if you must, but it's hardly necessary to slag off a group of artists who are actually getting noticed. Are you seriously saying that NZ On Air should not only ignore radio rock, but all forms of "boring" rock music? Including artists as complex and eclectic as SJD and Dimmer? (And, one would assume, Rob's bands?)

    It's cool that you're got your stuff on Beatport et al, but you need to get a sense of proportion.

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  • Hard News: Yes we canny,

    The Herald editorial is a bit of a classic.

    After venturing that "even $70,000 is a modest income these days", it dismissively observes that most of the extra money for education has gone on teachers' pay ("Beside them, the 5 per cent lift in schools' operational funds looks insignificant"). Those rotten old teachers, eh? What important job do they do?

    The new pay scale for head teachers, of course, tops out at $68,611. Some way short of modest, then.

    The Herald then concludes that the money in the tax cuts "rightly belonged to the overtaxed all along".

    Sigh ...

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  • More than Hot Air,

    Visiting Afghanistan, Damian Christie finds a New Zealander -- renewable energy expert Tony Woods -- working on the ground.

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  • OnPoint: Colby Blues,

    Who needs talkback? Morning Report's 'listener feedback' ran a charming request for 'the whingers' who should piss off to Zimbabwe or Myanmar and STFU. Gentle listener, to paraphrase Chris Rock, you low-expectation-having mother****er!

    Yes, I thought the same thing when I heard that.

    I somehow doubt Labour would find a winning slogan in "Helen! Not as bad as Mugabe! More generous than the Generals of Myanmar!"

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  • Hard News: Bean-Counting the Beat,

    __sigh ... they were named and quoted in the booklets that came with the discs. I'm surprised a music historian wouldn't know that.__

    That's the best thing you can think to attack me on? I made some very valid and serious observations and all you can come up with is a sigh and 'I thought you would have read the cd sleeves and memorised them"

    For goodness sake, I'm not "attacking" you. You just said you didn't believe something Brendan said, which, as far as I can recall, is a matter of record.

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  • Hard News: Bean-Counting the Beat,

    Oh, and lost amid the general Budget punditry ...

    The New Zealand Music Commission gets an additional $4.8 million in baseline funding over four years to do its work.

    Given that the commission has subsisted on year-by-year funding since 2000, this is both welcome and significant.

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  • Ways to Go,

    When my Dad died, his body was embalmed and brought home. I appreciated being able to sit with (and talk to) what was at least a symbol for who he'd been.

    But I love the idea of a natural burial. I finding something profound in the idea of my atoms being swiftly recycled for re-use by the Universe. And that doesn't go with embalming ...

    I like Kevin Ireland's idea of celebrating a good innings. Some of the happiest times in my life have been spent eating, drinking and talking with friends, and I won't mind not being able to participate. The throwing of the party is the thing.

    Music will be important: 'Messin' with the Kid' by The Saints to hold down the melancholy end, and some boofy dance music to cheer up the party later on.

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