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  • Hard News: Ready to Fly,

    Have a great launch, Russell. When you get a mo (and I know you are very busy chappie) could you give me some info on hooking up to Freeview (ie fitting it around Sky Digital). Maybe there isn't a problem but the Freeview people haven't been very helpful.

    Is it Freeview satellite? You just need to run the coax from your dish into the Freeview box first, then out from there into your Sky decoder. From memory, our MySky needed a soft reboot, then was fine.

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  • Hard News: Electrickery,

    Looks like the way the credentials committee is constituted means she can't win that either. Sigh ...

    Still, at least the delightful Mr Scaife is right on board.

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  • Southerly: Nine Months of Baby Hell,

    No such luck. Bob announced his presence by demonstrating his 'wall of sound' abilities. By the end of the session the other parents were looking harrowed but visibly cheered-up. "Well, of course, I now realize that our baby isn't so bad," said one of them, casting an eye at Bob.

    Just think what comfort you all have brought to so many other parents in Bob's short time on earth. It's inspiring, really, when you think about it.

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  • Hard News: Misquote Unquote,

    Well, I'd note that 'Anglosphere' tends to have a more transparent and robust culture than China when it comes to public scrutiny and criticism of the government, armed forces and police.

    This weekend, I've been finding quite a few instances where our supposedly free-and-fair Western media has been pretty much making stuff up about Tibet.

    We can justly complain about the Chinese government's attitude to press freedom, but our media culture doesn't really bear scrutiny on this one. You'd be surprised how many pictures of Chinese security forces brutalising protesters actually aren't that at all.

    But you'll all have to wait for a certain TV show on Wednesday night ...

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  • Hard News: Electrickery,

    The latest from Clinton: she's staying in it all the way till August, no matter what the results, in the hope that the Dems' credentials committee will pull a rabbit out of the hat for her.

    Obviously, she has the right to fight on. But don't the interests of her party, and the nation as a whole, come into it at some point?

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  • Hard News: New on the Street,

    I now look forward to Russell's new show and just wanted to wish him the best.Break a leg Russell.... Not literally, but you know what I mean.

    Thanks. There's been the odd hassle, and we've gone for quite a complex and sophisticated show first-up, but I think we can pull it all off and make a good television programme.

    I'll post something brief about it tomorrow (I think) but otherwise, expect to be reading a lot from the rest of the PA crew this coming week.

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  • Hard News: New on the Street,

    Blah blah... I appreciate that he's willing to answer the questions that we've asked but I'd be absolutely stunned if there was anything specific in his reply. What are the projected costs? 1.4 billion has to pay off. What are we talking here? 5 GB's for $50? $100?
    I really hate to sound like the nit picker at a sleepover, but would a substantive bit of estimitation really be out of order here? They must have some projected figures.

    For be it from me to act as a spokesman, but this is the freshly (if not wholly) separated Telecom Wholesale here -- they don't set retail pricing.

    If my understanding is correct, the default is for your existing broadband account, from whatever ISP buying wholesale DSL, to retain its existing price and conditions, but just get faster and more reliable. That's assuming that all cabinetised exchanges are also upgraded to ADSL2+.

    The cost for "access seekers" who want to place their own gear in Telecom's cabinets, is going to be very interesting -- the government should make it clear it's prepared to regulate if it has to. But I don't regard what's happening as a bad thing for the consumer.

    Advice for Telecom Wholesale: be accessible, do something with Zoomin (or Google Maps) and make it easy for people to see what's going on in their neighbourhood.

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  • Hard News: Electrickery,

    for those that still care/are concerned about Obama's relationship with Wright. The Huffington Post have just reprinted this letter that Wright wrote to NYTimes a year ago.


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  • Hard News: New on the Street,

    Beware the gateway broadband!

    I can handle it.

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  • Hard News: New on the Street,

    Ian Bonnar from Telecom Wholesale sent the following by email. It's welcome, but I told him next time he'd have to register and post it himself.

    I work with Mark Watts in media relations for Telecom. We've been following the comments to your article with interest.

    Here's some further information that might help some of the people who are commenting on your story.

    Cabinetisation is a four year long project that once completed will reach every town and city with 500 or more lines, which means it will improve the broadband experience for more than 80% of the total population of New Zealand.

    As it is ADSL broadband is currently available to 93% of New Zealand's population.

    The fact that our current cabinetisation plans take us to all towns with 500 or more lines is also far from the end of the story, as we have said we are happy to work with both central and local government to uncover ways we can reach even further.

    Cabinetisation is absolutely Telecom?s biggest ever infrastructure investment, costing around $1.4bn.

    Off the top of my head I can only think of Air NZ's purchasing of fleets of jet liners that compares in terms of capital investment by a listed company.

    This is not a project that would be undertaken by a company that is paying lip service to fast broadband. We want to turn as many New Zealanders as possible on to fast broadband.

    We have the first three years of our rollout plan available online on , if anyone wants to see if and when they're scheduled to receive a cabinet. They should click on the Excel spreadsheet linked from that page, and then search for the name of their town or suburb.

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