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  • Hard News: Mighty Indeed,

    It's available on The Complete Blam Blam Blam (which is an excellent collection), but I certainly wouldn't say no to a blam-blam-bootleg of the night...

    We may get access to some high-quality live recordings of the current incarnation. Stay tuned.

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  • Hard News: Mighty Indeed,

    Here's a question you may have had: which NZ band had a song go to number one the first week of release with no commercial radio airplay?

    Screaming Meemees' 'See Me Go'?

    (Which, BTW, you may soon be hearing in a version style ...)

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  • Hard News: Mighty Indeed,

    Own fault, I know, but I am a tad envious reading these posts...I was invited, and I love trivia quizzes, and the Blams were the first band I ever saw live, back at Welly Polytech in '82.... but even if I'd gone I'd have folded by about 9pm.

    Which would have been 90 mins before the band started. And even then they were having such a nice time that I kinda had to insist they got on.

    "Tim," I said, "I am really enjoying having this yarn with you, but I feel it could go on a long time, and really, the people need to hear you."

    Then they went on, opened with the Doctor Who theme, got a huge cheer when they finished that, and the tone was set for the evening.

    Also happy: Sally, the formidable and efficient duty manager at Mighty Mighty, which scooped (I think) all the the bar awards. She was seen dancing to the Blams and hugging her staff, and I don't think she is the kind of manager who frequently hugs her staff ...

    BTW: Sigh ... Why are Wellington bars so much better than Auckland bars, on average? My good-bars-in-Auckland conversation tends to run out at the Wine Cellar and Family ...

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  • Hard News: Mighty Indeed,

    Righto ... Grant McDougall, come on down -- you were at least half right and the bonus questions were a nice touch.

    A digital voucher for I Want That is on its way to your email address Grant. Don't say I never do anything for you.

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  • Hard News: Mighty Indeed,

    Great night though and Blam Blam Blam are like a fine cheese.

    They smell?

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  • Hard News: Mighty Indeed,

    Okay, here are the answers. Give me a little time to decide who gets the voucher for I Want That ...



    The 1975 election was also remarkable for the fact that a Maori candidate was elected to a general seat for the first time since 1893. In fact, there were two. Name me at least one of them.

    A: Ben Couch and Rex Austin
    For a bonus: Three years later, another Maori was elected to a general seat. Who was that?

    A: Winston Peters

    In 1978, the Westland MP Paddy Blanchfield retired and made his farewell speech in Parliament. What was unusual about the speech?

    A: It was partially in the form of a poem that Blanchfield had written himself.

    For a bonus: In 2002, one MP's maiden speech included the performance of a version of a song that was a hit in the early 1980s. Who was the MP and what was the song?

    A: Metiria Turei, 'There is No Depression in New Zealand -- in Maori!

    What, by legend, was found in the briefcase stupidly left by an SIS operative on a journalist's fence?

    A: A Penthouse magazine and a pie.

    For a bonus: What was really in there?

    A: Sandwiches and a copy of the Listener. Which is, in its own way, more tragic. NB: This appears to be a matter of debate …

    The plastic Rob Muldoon piggy bank had a unique feature -- what was it?

    A. You could put money in, but there was no way to get it out.

    What was the marketing slogan for that product?

    The piggy bank -- not just a pretty face.

    One of the 'Double Standard' billboards popular in Wellington during the Muldoon era read 'Rooting Pig Shot in Ngaio'. What were the last two words of the Billboard?

    A: PM Safe


    Scribe, Che Fu and Nesian Mystik's Feleti Strickson-Pua are all, of course, local rap artists. But what did their fathers have in common in the late 70s?

    A: They were all members of the Polynesian Panthers.

    If in the early 1980s you have been a member of the 1480 Kroozers, what would you have been?

    A: A skateboarder.

    If you had been at an event in the company of 75,000 other New Zealanders over Auckland anniversary weekend in 1979, where would you have been?

    A: The Nambassa Festival in Waihi.

    What, in late 1970s, was the Sportronic?

    A: A New Zealand-made TV games console.

    Which two actors starred in both Goodbye Pork Pie and Utu?

    A: Kelly Johnson and Bruno Lawrence.

    Who did Tineke Bouchier replace in the televised version of 'It's In the Bag'?

    A: Heather Eggleton

    What was a Blue Lady, as immortalised in the Hello Sailor song, 'Blue Lady'?

    A: A blue glass syringe made in Germany, much prized by heroin addicts

    We all know that 'Gutter Black' is the theme song of Outrageous Fortune. But what Sailor song was featured in that other tale of Westie mayhem, Savage Honeymoon?

    A: Lyin' in the Sand


    1. What was the top tax rate in New Zealand in 1983?
    (a) 50%

    (b) 56%
(c) 66%

    A: (c) 66%

    2. In the 1981 general election, Mana Motuhake and the Values Party finished fourth and fifth respectively in the popular vote. Which of the following parties came in sixth?

    (a) The Wizard Party
(b) The Socialist Unity Party

    (c) Economic Euthenics
(d) No Confidence.

    A: (a) The Wizard Party

    3. How many computers were there in New Zealand workplaces in 1982?

    (a) 25
(b) 370

    (d) 4000

    A: (d) 4000

    4. How many modems were connected to the telephone network in 1980?

    (a) None

    (b) 800

    (c) 1800

    (d) 2700

    A: (c) 1800

    5. Which of the following was not the acronym of a interest group active in the 1970s?

    (a) SPCS

    (b) SPUC
(c) SPCA

    (d) SPCL

    A: (d) SPCL

    6. Of whom did Muldoon say: 'He can stew in his own juice.'?

    (a) Derek Quigley
(b) Abraham Ordia
c) John Minto

    (d) David Lange

    A: (b) Abraham Ordia, President, Supreme Council for Sport in Africa

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  • Hard News: Mighty Indeed,

    I forgot to mention that Giovanni Ribisi was at our party last night too, and enjoyed the Blams. Some of the Wellingtonista have photographic evidence.

    Plus ... I walked past this guy on the street yesterday who was a dead ringer for Hiro from Heroes. Even the same glasses. I had to snap myself out of the impulse to address him in character. Freaky.

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  • Word of the Year 2007,

    __But it did piss me off that it always pulled me up for using the passive voice, or any sentence with more than 15 words. Would have been good if you could turn certain warnings off, as 'my style' settings.__

    Umm, you can - Tools, Options, Spelling & Grammar, Grammar Settings.

    It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff you have to turn off in Word -- usually in two places for each "feature" -- to make it usable.

    Oh, and I'll work on a summary of candidates from this thread over the weekend, put them into Survey Monkey -- and see who gets the goodies ...

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  • Hard News: Mighty Indeed,

    Righto ... back in muggy Auckland and I'll post the answers in about an hour.

    And also decide who gets a $50 digital voucher to spend with our current advertisers, I Want That.

    Who also have a bunch of specials until midnight Sunday, including 33% off thinking putty and 10% off morphing eggs ...

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  • Hard News: Mighty Indeed,

    Ah yes, I saw 'No More Heroes' (excellent flick about pioneer Kiwi skateboarders). Amazing use of Doublehappys' 'Joe 90, kids skating at the Hunua dam, Muldoon giving his seal of approval to skateboarding...

    Indeed. It's the work of my homeboy Andrew Moore. The Auckland Star ran a picture of him (aged about 10) with Muldoon at Skatopia at the time.

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