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  • Speaker: Not even a statistic, in reply to Bart Janssen,

    Why is this not an election issue? Why are there not blue or red or green billboards around town proclaiming the intent to be “rape-free by 2020”?

    It’s one of Labours policies Here is a bit of it.

    Labour will allow the Law Commission to complete its review on alternative trial mechanisms, including the establishment of a specialist sexual violence court and consider reforms that provide real justice to survivors while protecting the right to be presumed innocent, including: cross examination rules, alternative trial processes, establishment of sexual violence support, specialist training including on the dynamics of violence, support services during justice processes, and changes to the definition of consent.

    We will review prosecution guidelines to ensure New Zealand Police appropriately and consistently arrest and charge domestic violence offenders. We will also review the operation of Protection Orders.

    We will ensure the Police are adequately resourced and trained, embed the Bazley report changes, and focus on prevention and community safety. We will ensure specialist Adult Sexual Assault teams and Child Protection Services are properly resourced.

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  • Speaker: Not even a statistic, in reply to Alice Ronald,

    but all too often, those are the only things that get focussed on.

    How about, if possible name names. A friend of mine in the supermarket one day noticed a man who had raped her many years before. I think she needed to say something , anything, at that moment, so, she told her 15 year old daughter who was with her. She pointed him out and told her what he did. She then moved down an aisle (feeling shame) and her daughter was so angry to hear about her mum, walked straight over to him and at the top of her lungs pointed out that he, had raped her Mother and gave him a piece of her mind and warned others within hearing to be careful of the rapist. She returned to her Mum. They finished their shopping and my friend said she felt so proud of her daughter's strength. It was cathartic all round, so much so she told us at the pub and we all applauded her and her daughter. If only one person heard that and knew that man, it was good for someone.

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  • Hard News: Dotcom: Further news of the unlikely, in reply to Joe Wylie,

    I very much doubt that Dotcom was personally involved, despite it happening on his Twitter feed. When he confronted John Key with his impassioned and highly articulate invoking of NZ’s anti-nuclear history, I was impressed. All of that went out the window, however,

    Who was it that hired Corkery? And Bradford, could her leaving have been similar to her leaving the Green Party? And even if ,Mana without Bradford and Internet have individual objectives with one thing only in common, that being to get rid of Key, I would think that was a pretty significant contribution to making NZ a better Country. I think it would have been great for Bradford to have stayed and had a voice amongst it all, Never mind it’s only me. :)
    Plus haven’t seen the Obama thing although I think I know that which you mention but Dotcom is very anti U.S of A. I cant imagine him showing Obama in a good light at all, and I have lost a bit of respect for Obama with the condoned use of drones which he isn’t entirely responsible for but he has achieved some good, Obama’s healthcare comes to mind, and the subsequent Supreme Court rulings on abortion recently shows exactly the field he moves in, so 2 steps forward 1 step back. I just don't know what Dotcom will do for NZ but I do know what John Key is doing and he is still popular Go figure. If I was to have a bet.... nothing could be worse than Key.

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  • Hard News: Dotcom: Further news of the unlikely, in reply to Rich Lock,

    If he’s so keen to splash his money around, perhaps he could pay some to the out-of-pocket investors in

    Um, he got charged with embezzlement for investing in an almost bankrupt company and announcing he was going to put more in ,then didn't. So you think he should pay share holders who were in it to make money off their gamble? We don't even have laws or do gooders in NZ that would do that and there has been many many examples like it.
    I get that many people don't like him, his personality, his richness,fatness whatever. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I wouldn't try take it away from you., To then suggest he needs to be a saint when I havent seen anyone in Parliament that is , seems to me to be a little confusing. For everything that he is being picked on for , he seems to have been held to account (except he didn't credit Joe Wylie's art that we noticed) and he has now moved on to defending himself , getting rid of Key and financing a Party that is pro youth. I'm happy for Harre to take it to the people. Perhaps not being perfect, he knows how people feel so he knows other people are needed.

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  • Hard News: Dotcom: Further news of the unlikely, in reply to Rosemary McDonald,

    Can’t see either of those twerps doing ANY of that stuff, day in day out.It would be beneath them.

    And is for many here. So I'm guessing to sum up your answers, you think he's undeservedly rich and just a bit fat?
    John Key Co. has already proven himself and I think you would probably be right on your analysis above. Dotcom has only proven that he's got a book people don't like, he's funded a Party of some well known people and has a mandate to get rid of that other guy you don't like. Hence him making sure the press keep that in the news If we didn't have people like him (remember he came from a poor background too) many of us wouldn't be able to build the houses, trawl the ocean (with its inherent problems) Personally the Fonterra farmers with their cows and land and shares seem up there in the same category as Money traders but that is a job I wouldn't do, either of them. I think Dotcom kind of displays he doesn't think that highly of money and he seems to share it around. Whether it be having some Art (any artist would appreciate a commission) whether it be having nannies and cleaners and builders on the property doing their respective jobs.I'd rather have him in that house than the Chrisco family who rip the poor off any day. I find the guy very determined to get rid of Key as is the mandate of Mana too. I find it all rather refreshing. So ...

    Or that he’s foreign. And fat.

    and rich I think is whats underneath the hooha.
    I often wonder why people don't complain about Sir Michael Fay and Richwhite. with their private island and all the money they sucked out of the taxpayer. At least Dotcom hasn't done that.

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  • Capture: See Into the Trees, in reply to JacksonP,

    Sofie B, was nice to see you last week. Sorry to hear about all the tree casualties

    You too JP. Sorry I missed M, realised she was there once brain engaged eyes.
    I've taken photos of broken trees but it's just tee tree on our land although some large Tee tree. I'll grab a photo down the road of the Macrocarpas that have come down when we next pass .

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  • Capture: See Into the Trees, in reply to Hebe,

    Oh we are fine Hebe, I was just feeling so sorry for the locals. I’ve told Kelvin so but turns out Harold once again have worded it wrong. He was talking about roads and infrastructure up here through to Auckland and he has been volunteering around Moerewa. He’s rescued a dog, saved some old lady, set up call centres and more. So I have apologised that I took the Harold as word. His aim is my wish. Trouble with call centres, the power lines and landlines are just coming back on now, so pointless if you got no phones. Imagine, (and this did happen) a friend, living on his own, with little cell ph reception, the river swelling on his property and heading toward his home, has a seizure,wakes up, ear and arm and head stuck to his log burner. Hes there for 2 days cos he cant get over his river, land slides, breaks fence ,neighbours cows invade, He is trying to apply cold to his 3rd deg burns meanwhile putting up electric fence to get horse to higher ground, trying to corale cows back to neighbours. Manages to get up drive and the land slides and covers it . He gets to A andE in Kaitaia by car. They say Middlemore immediately. So the first Ambulance has to get through the Maungamukas with much difficulty and gets to Whangarei just as SH1 shuts. The charge nurse told me they were inundated with many accident patients and because some detours have been made ,the Hospital was full . That’s just the beginning of my friends journey to Middlemore for major surgery. People are resilient but even he deserves a cry.He's been very brave.
    On a lighter note. Tee tree is fine firewood .

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  • Hard News: Dotcom: Further news of the unlikely, in reply to Craig Ranapia,

    Trolling was a fine art long before the internet. :)

    On contemplation, I did call it a "Brownlee". But you have to admit, to be issued with a holiday as an only sanction does beg the question. The woman's got something.even she admits she's not widely liked on the front bench.

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  • Hard News: Dotcom: Further news of the unlikely, in reply to Alastair Thompson,

    I have long wondered if this is the real reason that Simon Power resigned. He was Justice Minister through all this and also well informed (unlike the PM) of what was afoot.

    Or if indeed that is what Collins holds over Key now. It is suggested in the House that she must hold something big against Key Co.

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  • Capture: See Into the Trees,

    We made it North this week. I wont put photos up yet. Think we lost around 100 trees but mostly tee tree and the Natives are good plus our house is fine. Spent the day making firewood which as some were dead anyway has made it usable straight away. We are burning the evidence as I type. Came through landslips, roads with bits missing, fallen trees . I cannot believe Kelvin Davis thinks we want a fukin highway to batches in Omaha when driving around here is unbelievable. parts of roads are just sunk, parts are missing. Enormous macrocarpas have disappeared, and, as has been mentioned on the news, SH1 is no go. Trouble is they detour everyone (school hols, great) onto roads just as bad which makes them worse.. How anyone thinks Fonterra trucks on dirt roads with flooding, landslips and whole parts missing is a good idea is beyond me. We are lucky we got a 4wd . And that’s not even the stories of resilience I’m hearing from those stuck here permanently.The roads up here need fixing first not some holiday highway. :(

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