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  • Hard News: Earning Confidence,

    Just from reading the PDF from HorizonResearch I now understand where most of nationals support comes from.

    The age tables are mostly telling, with them sitting in low 30% votes up to the 55-64yr bracket where they jump to 40% and up to 48% in the 65-74 bracket.

    So like every other country on the planet, we are run by old men, for old (white?) men.

    Green party is roughly the opposite, with 41% of the vote in the 18-24 year bracket.

    pdf is here

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  • Hard News: Earning Confidence,

    Has anyone setup a youtubedoubler style page for this? to stream both tvnz and greenroom at the same time on the same screen?

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  • Hard News: Dirty Politics,

    Hasn’t Slater inadvertantly admitted that all the content is real with his claims that dotcom hacked him to get the emails?

    Keys saying its all false/out of context. Slater is just going full guns at who he thinks is responsible, and ignoring/unaware that it pretty much confirms everything as being true.

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  • Hard News: Not doing justice, in reply to Matt Crawford,

    But something is definitely weird when looking at the amount of antisemitism being daubed across National billboards. It wasn’t like this last time.

    Seems like Confirmation Bias to me. It has been rasied in multiple areas so it seems a lot more obvious.

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  • Hard News: Over the paywall?,

    But if they make you pay for access, don't they then have to provide quality content?

    HAHAHA sorry I couldn't help myself. This is why paywalls tend to mostly fail, unless your producing content of a high enough quality, most people won't pay for it.

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  • Hard News: The Cycle Frolic, in reply to Matthew Poole,

    Have you sent the stats to the guys at transportblog? they would probably be able to make a post out of it (for their mythbusting segments).

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  • Hard News: Making it up on smacking,

    I think my opinion on this was changed by a comment by Russell when the law came out, and it was about how this makes the law equitable between adults and children. In that behaviors that would be illegal against an adult were now illegal against a child. And that just because a person is your child doesn’t give you free reign to commit assault on them.

    So its still surprising to me that there are politicians pushing the agenda to allow that to take place again.

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  • Hard News: Lowering the Stakes, in reply to Dan Salmon,

    The old 6" spike in the centre of the steering wheel system of car safety.

    This case is hitting me a bit, as I used to ride down stanley street (on the footpath, I would never in a million years be on the road where that concrete truck is) and have to navigate this intersection to get down to Tamaki drive for fun riding.

    And even obeying the lights, riding on the strand is straight up playing russian roulette with trucks. Road design in auckland just tends to be shit. And where are they funneling the riders from the cycleway extension in the gully? onto wakefield street or grafton road? From looking at the plan it pops you out onto beach road, right next to this set of lights.

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  • Hard News: We need to talk about Len,

    Can I, as a rate payer initiate a vote of no confidence in the five Councillors who are wasting everyones time. Maybe they should go mow some berms for the less advantaged. (I do find it funny that the berms in Grafton are still being mowed though, and they had someone out there doing it on sunday).

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  • Hard News: How do you sleep?,

    What I have found. Is no coffee after midday, eat some cottage cheese or something high in protein before bed (to keep the tummy fullish,the slower digesting the better). Exercise, even if its just a 30 minute brisk walk around the block. And don't let yourself sit/lie in bed too long, if your not drifting off, get up and do something to settle your brain.

    But having a 3yr old and a 1yr old, means that sleeping time is too precious a resource to waste, so my body won't let me throw it away.

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