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One Hand Loose

by Jonathan Ganley

Delaney Davidson & Bruce Russell, at the Auckland launch of their Charlie Feathers tribute album - 'One Hand Loose' - at the Wine Cellar on March 23 2019 . . . the musicians lit only by a 25w lamp under a blood orange lampshade . . .

'. . . the concept is that of a tribute album. A tribute paid in blood to the unsung king of rock’n roll, Holly Springs most famous son, the man who taught Elvis how to sing with a microphone – Charlie Feathers. The vibe is loose, the sounds are red-line-pushing, the beats are eye-rollin’, daddy-o, and the vibe is so far beyond ‘gone’ that there appears no way back . . .'

The first three photos are of 'Rails To the Sky' - Eamon Edmundson-Wells on double bass, Steve Cournane on drums, and Noel Meek.

Get the album on Bandcamp - here.


Look! The Others Way 2018

by Jackson Perry & Jonathan Ganley

The Flying Out Others Way Festival returned to K Rd on Friday August 31 for a SOLD OUT selection of the best local acts and a few internationals as well. With something for the young and old, the highlights included early sets by The Beths and The Goon Sax, a solid set of funky grooves from Collision, and packed dancefloors for Superette, the Headless Chickens and finally Bailter Space, who played well over their allotted 45 minutes with a long set that finally tipped a wrung out audience onto the street at 1am . . .


Auckland Festival of Photography 2018

The 2018 Auckland Festival of Photography is on between May 31 and June 22. Below we present images and links from a few of the events and exhibitions that have captured our attention.

More information on the 2018 Auckland Festival of Photography can be found here.

Or follow these links for more information about the images featured in the gallery below.

The Resettlement Portraits

Wander and Wonder

Rohingya Crisis


Dignity For Palestine

Meet You at Mercs

Beckon Us From Home

Round And Round

The Waterview Tunnel Project

Maggie Steber

Ground Water Mirror


Laneway 2018

by Jackson Perry

Laneways 2018, a photographic essay.

Getting in early, we managed to avoid the log jam that happened midway through the afternoon.  It did mean though that by around 8pm, after listening to Unitone Hifi blow the bass through the tree canopy, we were done.

Sad to have missed the later acts, but 8 hours was more than enough in that heat.

Please feel free to add your Laneway photos and memories in the comments, especially if you caught the evening shows.

Capture away.



by Jackson Perry

Early december is when the best of everything that ever was, or at least in the last 11 months, is hoisted onto our screens as if nothing else ever mattered.

Instagram has several helpful apps that use fancy algorithms (actually I think they just count) to give you your best nine.  Here's mine.


It's summer, and the heat is here already, so feel free to dive into the comments with your best of 2017, summer photos or whatever the heck you feel like. You can add up to three images per post by selecting 'Edit' after the first picture.

Wishing you all a wonderful silly season, and see you in the thread, at the beach, or the many concerts in the New Year.  I can't wait.

Nga mihi maioha.