Capture by A photoblog


Big Day Over and Out.

by © Jackson Perry

Thanks Big Day Out

I wasn't planning to go to this year's BDO, until it was announced this would be the last.  Some suggested I was being sucked in, but who cares, I was there, and it was... pretty good.

There'll be plenty of post mortems elsewhere, so this is just a few captures from the day, in the hope others will dig up their photographic memories of this or previous BDOs to share.

Capture away.

One of the best things about the BDO has always been the characters in the crowd. Photo: © Jackson Perry

Everywhere we went all day there were people holding pieces of paper and being photographed for a stop animation video. Photo: © Jackson Perry

Andrew? The B team who have always been a huge part of the Big Day Out brand. Photo: © Jackson Perry

Tony Hawk and the skating crew were one of the highlights of the day. Needed a better camera to truly do it justice, but they were flying. Photo: © Jackson Perry

Kimbra worked the crowd and material as well as any on the day. Points for enthusiasm. Photo: © Jackson Perry

Girl Talk on the 'Boiler Stage'. Some of the DJ acts seemed a bit lost without a sweaty roof over us, but Girl Talk seemed to pull it off. Röyksopp were another highlight on this stage. Photo: © Jackson Perry

Boost ride. Shot taken while listening to Jakob, who were a nice way to wind down the day, while everyone else watched Soundgarden. Photo: © Jackson Perry