Capture by A photoblog


By Night

by Angus McNaughton

Most people know Angus McNaughton for his work in music -- player, producer, remixer, ace mastering engineer -- but he trained first as a photographer

As a skilled darkroom film and print technician in Christchurch in the late 1980s, he explored traditional photography ideas and techniques, mostly black and white methodologies, but also printing Cibachrome.

Music took over in 1991 and he has since notched up more than 100 credits, from work with the Headless Chickens to his own releases. But the visual spark was never lost, and in recent years Angus has re-established his photography practice.

Most of Angus’ works have a similar quiet but intensely atmospheric mood and sense of space about them. Especially his current night photography, where he pulls us into the rich depth resonating from his subjects sitting exterior.

Angus's work is displayed this evening at Art Ache, from 5pm-8pm at Golden Dawn in Ponsonby, Auckland. The event is a relaxed affair and six artists will be present along with their work. There will be work for sale, so you may want to bring cash.

Other artists present at Art Ache this evening are:

Natalie Tozer

Liam Gerrard

Natasha Vermeulen

Coco Campbell

David Merritt