Capture by A photoblog


Christchurch: Last One Standing

by Adrienne Rewi


We are pleased to welcome our first guest contributor to Capture Adrienne Rewi, with a selection of recent photographs from Christchurch.

As always we hope the captures Adrienne has kindly presented will lead to contributions from the floor.

Over to Adrienne.

Guest Photographer - Adrienne Rewi.

Since reverting back to journalism after a career as a visual artist, my camera has become my primary ally in recording my experience of the world. I am never without one of three cameras – most often my Nikon D3000. I also use a compact Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01 and my Android Smartphone.

A visual/verbal interpretation of the world around me is key to who I am and I am drawn to unexpected juxtapositions. I never use a flash and my photography is frequently theme-based.

I see beauty everywhere – even in the ruins and drama of the Christchurch earthquake. I enjoy photographing people but more often than not, my earthquake images are people-free. For me, that absence better captures the prevailing sense of destruction, emptiness and loss that now colours inner city Christchurch.

No Place I’d Rather Be, Cambridge Terrace. Photo: © Adrienne Rewi 2011

Anyone for Croquet? Sumner Croquet Club. Photo: © Adrienne Rewi 2011

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, Manchester Street. Photo: © Adrienne Rewi 2011