Capture by A photoblog


Dogs Love Cameras Too

by Jackie Clark and Sofie Bribiesca


Public Address regulars Sofie and Jackie love dogs.  If this has not been made abundantly clear to you yet, then this will remove any residual doubt.

Having broken the Internet with our inaugural Cat Thread (does this mean we're entertaining the possibility of more?  Nooooooo!), it seems only fair that we give the canines their day in the sun.

Jackie Clark and Ruby

So. A thread all about dogs. The glory! I know many of us in this community share our lives with dogs, as well as cats. And I am privileged indeed that Jackson has asked me to share my beautiful Ruby. Last year, in May, our old girl Cleo finally succumbed to months of ill health. We were devastated and agreed that we would wait at least six months before welcoming another dog into our lives.

One way and another, for one reason and another, after only a month, Ruby arrived. I liked the look of her photo online, but when I first saw her, I cried with joy. THIS was who we were meant to have in our lives. And so it has been. As many of you close to me know, there have been trials and tribulations. Let's just call them Behavioural Issues stemming from the first 6 months of her life. We're working on those, and getting on top of them, by and large. And this thread is about the joy of dogs, so let's focus on that. These are a few captures of her very favourite things to do in the world. Mine is to watch and facilitate the doing.

Sofie Bribiesca and Stella

As far back as I can remember, a dog has been in my life. Growing up , a dog was a staple in our family. Mostly mutts, but the odd pedigree.I remember Chocolate and MaÒana, Ashtin and Dougal, Chelsea and Missy, to name a few.

Then there is Stella, who is the dog that presently owns the car.  She has me chauffeur her to and from the park.  There is also shopping for such likes as Dog food and general visits around the city.

So, long time coming (but inevitable I say), I, along with Jackie, have been given the priviledge of showing our favourite dog images so I have chosen the most special little girl in my life.  If I had more space, there would of course be other shots of other dogs but I am hoping you can all cover that.  Plus, I will respond with images of Stella's friends.

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to our 13 year old dog Stella!!

We spend much of our time, Ruby and I, snuggling. She likes to snuggle, much of the time, on her back. Or tucked in my arms. Photo: Jackie Clark

Ruby enjoys food. Oddly enough, she doesn't eat a great deal. But she is a sucker for a treat. Which is fortunate. Considering the, you know, Behavioural Issues. Photo: Jackie Clark

Ruby has boyfriends. Quite a number of them. She has girlfriends too, but she spends a great deal of time rough housing with her boyfriends. Because she's a player. Literally. She's never met a dog she doesn't want to play with. Fortunately, my mother's dog, Ollie, fulfills her not very strict criteria. A very fine looking couple they are, too.

And this is Digger. He spends a lot of time with Ruby, trying to tell her what to do. But she's too much of a feminist for all of that nonsense. Photo: Jackie Clark

Ruby spends most of her day at home with Ian, either snoozing, or playing or simply lying in the sun. It really is a dog's life. And this is OUR dog's life. Photo: Jackie Clark