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Pinhole Workshop Part II

by Jackson Perry

Pringles Pinholes Ahoy

When you have a crazy idea out loud (i.e. on the Internet), it would be pretty easy to pretend it never happened.  Twitter has a delete button after all.

But the idea of having a group of people making pinhole cameras out of empty Pringles cans, and then wandering around central Auckland peeling off electrical tape shutters, did really appeal to me.  Perhaps more than is healthy.

So today was the day, and all things considered, it went bloody well. 

Before we get into the photos, I'd just like to say thanks to the people who made it all happen.

Thanks to Jonathan and Sophie for running the darkroom for the day, and all the preparations beforehand.  Petra for planning and executing the camera making part, which went incredibly smoothly (all the cameras worked without any remakes).  Also Robyn for her advice and support in the build up.

Finally a special thanks to Jocelyn Carlin at Minnie Street for letting us invade the studio and darkroom for the day.

We'll be posting these photos, and possibly a few more, in the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day galleries.  Check back tomorrow too, as we have a few more pictures to add as they are sent in.

On to the photos.

Edited to Add:  Michelle, who attended the workshop, has written this awesome blog post on her own blog  Cheers Michelle.

Pinhole Camera Day 2012.

Haslett Street: 40secs. Photo: © Michelle from