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Notes for a Big Day Out

I'll look to arrive in time for Dr Octagon at 2.15, and give Havoc a wee look in (it would be rude not to) before meeting our host, the extremely gentlemanly Mr Slack (who intends to arrive at 10am with Mr Reid). Catch a little Dizzee Rascal before heading over to Billy Bragg. Then Unkle, a sit down, or, if we're feeling well, a little Turnaround Crew before Pluto?

The hidden gem on the bill is Lady Saw, a real dancehall reggae star tucked away on the Lilyworld stage around 6pm. Check her MySpace. I reckon she'll be worth seeing, especially if you don't quite get the Arcade Fire. 7pm is definitely a sit-down and Shihad.

The forecast (25 degrees, southerlies, a few light showers developing later, as a sub-tropical low arrives) sounds alright.

For some reason, there hasn't been much of a buzz from people I know about Bjork -- but the reviews last year were very good. It's not an art set: she does the hits, including the big, bouncy dance ones. We'll be legging it up to the tent at 9pm for LCD Soundsystem, about whom there is a buzz, amongst apparently everyone. I'm looking forward to this song.

I don't give a fig for Rage Against the Machine (although best wishes for a good show to everyone who does) so from there it's Carl Cox (at last, another house act to close) shared with the Clean (who I reckon might be blazing) and off out the gates before the rush.

That's a list as much for my edification as yours. This shit takes some organising; not least in finding a replacement for our child-minder, who last week confessed that he'd forgotten, and would be on Great Barrier Island. But all that can be done is done. I'm up for it.

If that's not your bag, Kate from the Bay of Plenty points out there are other Big Days Out. What a bugger it's going to rain at The Police tomorrow night.

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