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  • Nora Leggs,

    Nice one Jackson : ) A fun exhibition, went back again this weekend for a slower look.

    Auckland • Since Dec 2011 • 2685 posts Report Reply

  • Nora Leggs,


    Re-arranged the records a bit.

    Auckland • Since Dec 2011 • 2685 posts Report Reply

  • Lilith __,

    Looks like a fab occasion!

    Dunedin • Since Jul 2010 • 3884 posts Report Reply

  • Simon Grigg,

    You may have taken the picture of the supergroup but I took the picture in the picture! A young Ned Roy winning the first NZ DJ Champs at The Siren. (and just saw my handwriting on the Meemees poster above 😀)

    That's a nice buzz of sorts.

    Just another klong... • Since Nov 2006 • 3275 posts Report Reply

  • JacksonP, in reply to Simon Grigg,

    That’s a nice buzz of sorts.

    Cheers Simon. I quite liked the juxtaposition myself.

    I had this real feeling of being amongst friends when walking through the exhibition. Even though I was always mostly in the crowd, the familiarity of the venues, the major players and the vibe made it feel like a home of sorts. The lived history of New Zealand music. It's a beautiful thang.

    Auckland • Since Mar 2011 • 2426 posts Report Reply

  • Jonathan Ganley,


    Dr Ian Chapman's book on the 'Dunedin Sound' has been published. It's called "The Dunedin Sound: Some Disenchanted Evening" and should be in all good bookshops very soon. Cover pic shown above, and a review already, here.

    Since Dec 2006 • 230 posts Report Reply

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