Spoof of the Genesis pukeko TV ad

  • gondwanan,

    That resourceful young Pukeko we all know and love provides another take on Genesis Energy TV ad - exposing the ugly truth beneath the SOE's cynical greenwash.

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  • Hamboy,

    So how long do you reckon it will take for a lawyer's letter to arrive? lol

    Christchurch • Since Dec 2006 • 162 posts Report Reply

  • Nobody Important,

    nice, but ..... what is the solution? Are PA readers prepared to hook up their computers to exercycles and only use the electricity they generate themselves?

    What are the alternatives to coal fired energy? More Hydro dams? "Sorry, the rivers can't cope with that!". How about wind turbines? "Sorry, not in my backyard/pristine natural environment". Nuclear? "Sorry, have you forgotten Chernobyl?"

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  • Mark Easterbrook,

    What's wrong with Huntly?

    Oh, right, the coal.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 264 posts Report Reply

  • Mark Walker,

    Greenpeace are trying to promote this and asking people to vote for it on the various sites:


    You can also find out which ar the better power companies in your region here:


    Mangawhai • Since Nov 2006 • 7 posts Report Reply

  • Andrew Goodfellow,

    If not Huntly what?
    Shutting down Huntly will cost what? In dollars? In employment? In carbon credits?
    Just how big will the replacement generating system carbon footprint be?
    How many decades to develop, get resource consent for and then build a better system? Or should we give Mighty River Power, the thermometer's clean, greenpeace champion carte blanch to dam(n) every river and creek in the country? More than enough water runs off fiordland to make a decent contribution to the national grid once it is properly collected, piped and channeled.
    Meanwhile from whom do I get my power at an affordable price?
    What about using less power? Not just less or lots less but lots and lots less? After all if we don't use it they cannot sell it.

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  • cindy baxter,

    Using less power - definitely a sensible suggestion.

    Turning off lights, tv's off standby, installing solar hot water heater so you don't use any to heat your water , good insulation in your house...

    Doesn't sound like much but if 4 million of us did it, it would certainly reduce our reliance on Huntly. Small renewable projects where they're needed rather than huge systems are better... Micro hydro rather than big dams, etc

    Greenpeace has an energy report out which shows how we could shut down Huntly and not lose jobs or trash the economy.

    auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 100 posts Report Reply

  • Anne M,

    Switch to Meridian.

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  • James Redwood,

    Wave power, and even better as it is in constant supply - tidal power generation are low impact, low technology, and perfect for our island nation.

    Whakamarama • Since Feb 2007 • 1 posts Report Reply

  • Rob Stowell,

    And follow Aus in gettting rid of them "radient" lightbulbs. Quite a big saving for everyone concerned... Or- have I just busted the budget embargo?

    Whakaraupo • Since Nov 2006 • 2110 posts Report Reply

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