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  • Hard News: How about that cricket, eh?, in reply to Russell Brown,

    And we should not lose sight of the fact that the rain was (mixed metaphor alert) an incredible windfall for New Zealand. Things might have been very different had we been chasing 360 in 50 overs.

    It's never great when a result is affected by weather, and SA had been devastated by rain-affected games twice in the past. That said, they knew the rain was in the forecast, and they won the toss and decided to bat first anyway. They could have been the team batting second with the D/L run-rates in their pockets. It was a gamble.

    At the beginning of this World Cup, my bet was that we'd be knocked out in the semis. I also thought SA were the best team in the competition as a team - less fragile, less dependent on one or two great players, better attitude which always shows in the field. I did not think we were going to beat them.

    I got off the couch for the last over and watched it crouched down behind the coffee table. True story.

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  • Hard News: An unacceptable failure of care,

    I feel I should have many profound things to say about this, especially after the first report came out and some people were all, "See, the police did everything they could, this is just how these things go." No. They could not have failed more spectacularly than "a specialist child protection unit didn't understand the law around child sexual abuse".

    But here's what I keep coming back to. Until I listened to Jacinda's speech, it had never occurred to me that someone shouldn't have to be brave to file a rape complaint. Never. That's what I'd accepted as 'just the way things go', that the police would never be on your side, that the complaint process would be traumatic and oppositional, as well as completely futile.

    I also want to share a story, about 'other things that could have been done', though I'm not sure what the conclusion to draw is. When I first joined a local 'special interest' group, at the first meeting one of the leaders told us that there was a man around who had done some pretty awful shit. He didn't identify the person, but he gave enough information that I could speak to him privately afterwards and confirm that yes, this was the same guy who had just approached me on-line, and yes, he had raped a member of the community. (The victim laid a complaint, which, given she had a major 'oh but she was asking for it' identifier, was incredibly, yeah, brave.)

    It could have been me. If not for that one guy feeling he had a duty of care to his community, it could have been me. So it didn't take an incredibly-unlikely conviction to keep me safe, just someone speaking up.

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  • Speaker: Women, science and superheroes, in reply to steven crawford,

    I think that the point in promoting the acronym, is to emphasize well rounded education.

    My daughter and I both came through high school very good at both English and Biology. After uni, I discovered there was such a thing as anthropology, and I probably would have loved it. My daughter has at least been told she could try Science Communication. She doesn't want to, but at least she knows.

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  • Hard News: Stella and the Fun Palaces, in reply to Russell Brown,

    And he said he’d read the Guardian piece and it made him think differently about how he spoke to women in my position.

    This is the best. You made a difference to someone, and that person is passing on that difference to other people, and lo, the world is a slightly better place.

    I have been trying to work out how to get (middle-aged, male) consultants to speak to me, the patient, rather than talk past me to my (male) support person. It's not easy. It should be.

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  • Up Front: I Walk the Line, in reply to Morgan Nichol,

    I always felt like my partner’s face was so beautiful every time she took off that mask.

    Ha, they swear to me I don't look like that afterwards! liars.

    Also that video made my eyes leak. Thank you.

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  • Hard News: CWC 2015: Contains graphic horror,

    I've never wanted adblock on my tv so much. They've managed an odd balance of making the graphics incredibly intrusive, and also very difficult to read. After ten minutes of trying to read that big fat font they've got the score in, on a red and blue background, I had to give up before it triggered a migraine.

    What I had been worried about previously was the way the Aussie commentators, all through the tri series, spent half their time flogging stuff that wasn't even vaguely related to cricket. That seems rather charming now.

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  • Up Front: I Walk the Line,

    Thanks, guys. Yous are all fabulous. I was looking at writing on this (and for a video a guy had made with a gopro attached to his treatment machine) and nothing felt right. There was this weird sense of compulsory optimism. It was kind of like parenting: you either talk about how wonderful it is, or you STFU.

    and even the cricket has lead to thoughts like “Oh! I hope Emma enjoyed that!”

    My sentiments are apparently being passed on to the team. My first thought was "Oh gods, now I could actually jinx them."

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  • Southerly: This Week in Parliament: 26…, in reply to Paul Brislen,

    It's okay, Paul, your testicles are right here.

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  • Up Front: Adric and the Art of Asking, in reply to BenWilson,

    May he wither and die, and his corpse fertilize the brilliant brain it is now plaguing.

    Thanks, Ben. Weirdly, while Adric will die (best case, etc) he’ll then just sit there, being all inert and lumpy, and I’ll drag his corpse around for the rest of my life. Seems weird.

    Chapter Two went up today, and there’s now an RSS feed available.

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  • Hard News: Word of the Year 2014: The Vote, in reply to Alfie,

    In my experience, a full latex onesie is advisable.

    This is never, ever true.

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