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  • Feed: My Life in Curry, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Fruit in curries was quite clearly a thing.

    It's the consistency of the banana after being cooked for long enough to tenderise stewing steak that freaks me out. It might not be as bad as I imagine. Sometimes I contemplate cooking my way through this book, but I'm just too damn scared.

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  • Feed: My Life in Curry,


    I have my mother’s recipe book – the one into which she stuck clippings or copied out recipes for things she really fancied. And I really wish it had dates in it, because it’s a fascinating culinary record from someone who grew up in a farming family in the thirties and could remember the first time she used garlic. It goes back to at least the seventies, but I’m pretty sure further than that too.

    There’s a recipe for kedgeree that has no seasoning in it. It’s just rice, egg and fish. At the start of the meat section there’s a recipe for “curry”, which is the British “stew with curry powder in it” version, and cooks for hours with coconut, sultanas, an apple and a banana in the stew.

    Several pages further on, though, there is this recipe for “Indian Curry”, where the spice is actually fried.

    So there’s that change, right between Chicken a la King, and a daring recipe for Ke Si Ming that involves a tin of beans and peas and a packet of chicken noodle soup.

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  • Hard News: The Internet Party, whatever happens, in reply to netcoach,

    Colin King

    Colin King’s screaming homophobia would make him an extremely unattractive proposition for the well-off youngish urban liberals who would seem to be the Internet Party’s natural demographic. And then there’s his negative charisma…

    But then

    Dotcom says the party is post-ideological

    so… no policies, then?

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  • Busytown: School bully, in reply to Dianne Khan,

    They need to be able to solve problems, invent, analyse, discuss lucidly, adapt, work in varied situations, and be life-long learners.

    This, so much. My kids don't need to memorise lists of facts: they have Google. They need to learn how to find and evaluate information. They need to learn how to learn, because nobody knows what they're going to need to learn through their adult lives.

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  • Capture: One picture of you, and no more,


    I was really surprised by the conclusion I’ve come to here, the photo I’ve ended up with. I nearly chose another, from the Wellington book launch, but it seemed weird because you could see one of my upper arms and there was no tattoo. Let’s call that an illustration of why this isn’t a photo of me as a child, and not “having no happy childhood memories”.

    This was taken by Megan, at my Best Friend’s birthday, at Matterhorn in Wellington, which is one of my favourite places. Like a lot of my most cherished photos, it was taken in hideously low light and the company of alcohol. I’d had a fantastic couple of days, and I was enormously happy, which I think is evident. Also it reminds me of something another dear friend of mine once wrote:

    …the grin she saved for special occasions that implied someone was going to have a lot of fun, and someone else was going to feel strangely compelled to stay despite it. “Hello. I’m Foxx. I like needles.” Briefly she paused as though reviewing that. “I meant Presents."

    That grin.

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  • Hard News: Spring Timing, in reply to steven crawford,

    My policy suggestion to the Greens is this: Stop using commercial software in schools. Invest heavily in technology support for open source software in schools.

    About half of the Greens ICT policy is about FOSS. However, their policy includes acknowledgement that

    - Open Source products may not fulfill all of an organisation's ICT needs

    - introduction of new systems to organisations needs to be done carefully because of the time and costs involved in switching over and retraining.

    So "compulsory" has been made secondary to "practicality", but they still have an ideological commitment to pushing open source.

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  • Hard News: Spring Timing, in reply to Keir Leslie,

    a well-off urban liberal

    Oh man, remember when this meme was "Chardonnay Socialist" and it was about Labour? Good times.

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  • Hard News: Spring Timing, in reply to Keir Leslie,

    You can see why a guy working in a coal mine on the West Coast [or an oil rig in Taranaki, or some other extractive industry] might not find that a super reassuring policy, to be honest.

    Yes, I can. I have family who work in those industries. But without government intervention, coal mining is hardly an industry with a long and healthy future, yeah? The West Coast is littered with dead coal mines, and that wasn't down to the Greens.

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  • Hard News: Spring Timing, in reply to BenWilson,

    It may be the wrong question, I think the answer is likely to be that they actually don’t see the need for employment in the same way, or at least to the same degree, but I do really want to hear them say that, if so.

    The Greens do see the need for employment, because they recognise the social good work does. What I don’t think they accept is that employment must come from industries (dairying, mining, etc) that cause significant damage to the environment, and which are currently only sustainable because those industries don’t carry the cost of that damage.

    So, a solar energy scheme, which will employ people doing installations, makes more sense than oil exploration, and not just from an environmental point of view. For a start, we know the sun is actually there. We’re not going to get a toxic sunlight spill. And the benefits go to NZ businesses and workers rather than vanishing overseas.

    I’m not saying I entirely agree, or that I think it’s enough, but I don’t think it’s fair to say the Greens don’t care if people can’t get work.

    Also, in the light of this, and my own very similar experience, I’m heartened by their recognition that “WINZ” doesn’t currently assist people into employment and training, and should.

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  • Hard News: Spring Timing, in reply to Craig Ranapia,

    still not seeing Colin Craig being “gifted” East Coast Bays or Upper Harbour anywhere outside the media’s damp and excitable imagination.

    This is my one prediction for the election: The Conservatives will not get a seat. They will get, however, a great deal more media attention than they warrant.

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