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RIP Aurora

Still reeling from the death of Aurora Bay (you bastards!), but I understand the reasoning: think of the dramatic possibilities, such as the upcoming funeral. Meanwhile, the Herald is writing stories about Being Bogan. Good stuff.

Doctor Who’s new season starts on August 19 with the Christmas special “The Runaway Bride”, some of you may be happy to know. An attempt to milk the show in the UK didn’t work out: “Tardisodes” for mobile phones were a flop.

Joss Whedon talks about life after Wonder Woman at Comic Con.

I’ve only gotten up to Wednesday so far; more to come.

Extraordinary Kiwis (TV1) is about Zoë Bell.
• If you watch closely, you can see the exact moment George Clooney’s back was wrecked in Syriana (Sky Movies 1).

Kill Bill: Vol 1 (TV2) gets a nine from Philip in the Listener; here’s his 2003 review; Zoë Bell (see above) is interviewed here and here.
Artsville (TV1) is about the Dunedin fashion scene.

• The Beeb was hoping that the new Robin Hood would be as popular as the new Doctor Who. In an ironic twist, the tapes were swiped by a poor Hungarian.
Brothers & Sisters (TV2) gets an meh review from EW.
Spooks (TV1) begins with one of those conspiracies where powerful men think that Britain would be better off if they were running the show. Spooks might be putting women off joining MI5.

• Only four more episodes of Ugly Betty to go.
Outrageous Fortune (TV3) is like when the big voice used to say “Anything could happen in the next half hour!” at the beginning of Stingray, only not about the half-hour part.
• Quite a few of the Adult Swim cartoons are turning up in the video shop; C4 is screening Sealab 2021.
• Kathryn Flett advises pregnant women not to go anywhere near the final of Bodies (TV1).

Made in Taiwan: Nathan and Oscar’s Excellent Adventure is on Maori Television (it screened previously on TV3).
Body Hits is on Prime.
Jonestown – Paradise Lost is about the Jim Jones cult that committed mass suicide in 1978 in Guyana, and follows the journey of Congressman Leo Ryan.
Conan the Barbarian on Movie Greats!
• A Booze Britain Best-of special on Sky 1 at 9.30pm.

• It’s a slow night; and the remade Alfie (TV3) is rubbish.
• In The Sopranos (TV1), Tony’s gambling is a problem and Vito Jr is a baby Goth. Read this after viewing.

• Confession: What About Brian (TV2) is my guilty pleasure, f**k it, it’s Friday night blob-out. After a short first season, tonight’s ep is the beginning of season two.
Gog from 1954 (MGM) seems to have Cold War tension, according to someone on imdb anyway.
Footballers’ Wives (TV1) finals, but I’m not really caring. Here’s the episode rundown on the official site.

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