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  • Hard News: Trump's Dummkopfs,

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  • Hard News: Trump's Dummkopfs,

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  • Hard News: Trump's Dummkopfs, in reply to AndrewH,

    anger management...

    Oh, fuck off. That’s one helluva lot of white men voting in a bloc to reach his polling numbers.
    I honestly can’t believe how condescending you are...

    I am failing to see the 'condescension' you claim, I just see you failing to parse and comprehend the statement properly, let's unpack it (as I read it):

    And at his worst levels, after the DNC, he was winning in just one demographic: white men.

    'Winning in just one demographic: white men' means he was perhaps doing better than Hillary Clinton in this demographic, it doesn't say that other demographics did not vote for him, they were just not more than Hillary was getting - so his total numbers are not purely comprised of 'white men', but largely, yes.
    I don't believe Russell claimed support for a virtuous Hillary, he just pointed out that she would be a safer alternative, and that 'her' charity is not as grotesque and fraudulent as you would like to believe - especially compared to Trump's confection.
    I think Russell did basically admit that he just doesn't 'get' Trump supporters and the Eggers Guardian piece added another viewpoint which helped the discussion along in a sane and rational manner.
    What I don't understand is why you had to go all Trump and bring on the hate with your closing statement - that means you must hate a lot of people, while slamming doors in the face of discussion, I find that sad and ultimately self defeating...

    Personally I think an apology is owed for your Friday night excesses - that you might be big enough to give in the hard light of a Saturday morning.
    You may of course beg to differ.

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  • Speaker: Christchurch: We're not…,

    Thank you, I learned something today - media pundits call it the Overton Window, mathematicians would call it a Venn Diagram, Alinsky would probably call it the Expertise Boundaries, carpenters would call it a Spirit Level...
    ...meanwhile back at the water cooler Oscar Wilde is scaring the horses again!
    ; - )

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Getting Festive,

    Attachment Attachment Attachment

    Tall Dwarfs and Clean posters looking for good homes!

    as there is no Kiwi music category, I agonised over which heading to put these in and ended up with ‘Other’
    as neither ‘Rock’ nor ‘Pop’ seemed right either
    – any suggestions?

    I’ve put another coupla comics up today as well, including a 1958 Mandrake reprint from Lower Hutt!!

    Hell its only a year younger than me and probably in better condition!

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  • Speaker: Christchurch: We're not…,


    KOA’s mayoral candidate John Minto has helped keep many ideas in the public eye – and Lianne Dalziel (no relation) has had to bend accordingly, springing a ‘no asset sales’ surprise at the end of the recent mayoral candidates debate (a stance that had been modified by the next morning, on Radio NZ, into a ‘no asset sales without public consultation’ position…).

    <From a Minto Press Release>
    In the Press debate last night incumbent Mayor Lianne Dalziel drew applause from myself and others for a statement we interpreted as a significant change in her attitude to asset sales.

    Under fire over her record of supporting asset sales the Mayor said -
    ‘We can obtain cash from these companies without selling shares and I can say not a single share from any of these companies needs to be sold to balance the books’

    In less than 12 hours the Mayor was backtracking on Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report which reported:
    “This morning, on RNZ’s Morning Report Ms Dalziel would only confirm that strategic assets would not be sold without public consultation.
    Asked whether she could guarantee not a single share would be sold, Ms Dalziel said she could not.”

    I think the Mayor’s comments at the Press debate were designed to mislead voters and our assets will be back on the block after the election.
    The Mayor knows a big majority of Christchurch residents are adamantly opposed to asset sales so she sought to defuse the issue before the election rather than honestly front the issue.

    Her and Raf Manji’s pursuit of pleasing central government has now cost the city over $1.3 million, money that could have been better directed locally.

    Interestingly the story about this in The Press:
    posted yesterday has disappeared from the site front page and must be buried in some drop down of a drop down menu. It states that $880,00 was spent on the failed City Care sale.
    It also doesn’t go far enough insomuch as it doesn’t include the $455,000+ paid to Cameron and Partners last year for ‘asset sale advice’ – a ludicrous expense now that they are allegedly not going to sell any assets now.
    Rob Cameron seems to be Lianne ‘s go-to-guy for financial advice both at the Council and when she was in Parliament:

    The Government appointed ’commissioners’ at Ecan took a further (almost) $1 million bite out of Ecan operational coffers

    Environment Canterbury’s annual report shows seven government-appointed commissioners were paid a total of $972,632 for the year ending June 2016.
    Outgoing chair Dame Margaret Bazley’s remuneration rose to $214,680, from $205,627 in 2015.
    Commissioner David Caygill took the biggest jump from $144,108 to $170,316.

    but apparently their work here is almost done

    The work of Environment Canterbury’s (ECan) government-appointed commissioners is largely finished, a month before they are joined by elected councillors.
    After a busy day at the council table, the last three of the regional council’s big statutory plans were approved.
    It comes six years after the Government fired the elected council and appointed commissioners.

    Recently Treasury said the ‘Rebuild’ was going better than their damning report last year (Which Brownlee took extreme umbrage at)

    Treasury has bumped up its marks for the central Christchurch rebuild, following breakthroughs on some projects.
    After handing out some low ratings last year, Treasury’s latest Major Projects Performance Report has given good or moderate confidence marks to four anchor rebuild projects – the convention centre, metro sports facility, Avon River precinct and the east frame residential development.
    All are led by government rebuild company Otakaro.

    We’ve gone from Red to amber or even green on some projects
    Even though Treasury gave him an improved rating Brownlee still hisses and spits:

    …Brownlee was yesterday scathing of the Treasury analysis, in spite of the improved report, saying it was done by people who ‘fluff about the place pontificating’.
    He said he had little respect for their reports or their analysis.
    It is a rating system Treasury do for themselves’ he said.

    from The Chch Star – only available online through their clunky Issu portal:
    Oddly The Press has not reported Brownlee’s tantrum at all.
    But it is this Government’s MO to lambast Civil Servants and shop around for reports they can agree with rather the accept the truth from professionals.

    Really what the f**k would Gerry really know about economic and procedural processes – he is more a stand-over muscle merchant than a consigliere….

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  • Hard News: Trump's Dummkopfs, in reply to Ewan Morris,

    ...this piece from David Eggers, who attended a Trump rally, makes it more difficult to write off all Trump supporters as stupid and bigoted.

    Steinbeck redux...
    It all fits in, as The US seems to be edging towards a new 'dustbowl era' that Trump's 'Snake oil salesman' (huckster/charlatan) persona should resonate so well.
    Shades of The Master and Margarita and other tales of beguilement - all Trump has to do is utter the right trigger words and thus create a mirror in which everyone will see their own personal desires reflected - you can't fool all the people all of the time, but if you can do it at a crucial time to enough people, well, anything is possible... even the unthinkable.

    some related asides:
    Let the games begin...

    No racism until Obama'only-have-themselves-to-blame'-trump-campaign-chair

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  • Hard News: Trump's Dummkopfs, in reply to Ross Bell,



    a handful of bigots

    These spigots are all part of life's rich tap history...
    and Trump is tapping a rich vein of bile-spouting craziness, plumbing new depths of dissonance - a veritable vast disturbance in the faucet.

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  • Capture: Obliteration Room, in reply to Nora Leggs,

    Rely on Capture for Light Relief.

    Aquarius… and my name is Ian
    Phote. Photon.
    …Photon, Photon…

    PS: congrats on the new V key.
    Now you can do High Fives in Latin!

    ;- )

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  • Speaker: Are we seeing the end of MSM,…, in reply to John Farrell,

    The Herald should stay away from these difficult words.

    Heck, they are crap at the simple words too - Barry Soper and his enabling substandard subs deliver in The NZ Herald again today:

    Former Trade Minister Tim Groser, whose now on the Washington cocktail circuit,...

    It's 'who is' or 'who's' Barry, not 'whose' (which is really a possessive)

    But sad to hear that Tim Groser has hit the drink, post-TPPA...

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