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Word of the Year 2014: The Vote

The discussion has been had, the words have been nominated, and now it is time to put them to a vote. I've trimmed the list of nominated words and phrases to a manageable size and, as usual, you are invited to rank your top three choices. I'll announce the winning words -- and the Farro-hamper winning readers -- next week. Choose wisely, vote with abandon and tell your friends.

RIGHTO -- THE VOTE IS CLOSED! Results tomorrow morning, once I've written the usual amusing press release.

The first reader to suggest the eventual winning word will receive a glorious gift hamper from Farro Fresh, as will a reader drawn at random from all those who vote.

Massive props to the award-winning Farro Fresh for supporting the conversation. If you're after an ideal Christmas present, check out the full range of artisan food hampers at their online store.

(Thanks also to Beer Without Borders . My current advice is that the law now prevents us promoting any alcohol as a prize, but you can be sure that Hadyn Green -- who coded up the voting form above -- and I will be enjoying a sneak preview of beers from San Diego's Modern Times brewery, which launch here in January.)

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