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If that was the Cup, then I've had it

by Some Foreign Field Six

You've pretty much lost interest in the World Cup, haven't you? But don't feel bad, what with all kinds of other exciting distractions involving blokes in flash uniforms the Dropkicks can't really blame you. In fact, we might just start believing the rumour that Tame Iti is a prophet who foresaw the loss, and provided a nice distraction.

But we should probably place the stress on "might".

Oh, and "rumour".

Now that you've all wandered off into something apparently far more interesting it's left the Dropkicks at a bit of a loss. There's still some great rugby to be played after all, and some of it in France. If you can't figure out who the Wellington-based Dropkicks are supporting in the Air New Zealand Cup, then... take your time, you'll figure it out.

I guess the last word on the World Cup might have to go to a blog we noticed a week or so back, where Paul Spence asks, "Are we over-invested in All Blacks Brand Culture?". It's a good question, and one that's probably appropriate for the past two weeks of endless soul searching.

Are we over-invested? It's one thing to love the sport, or to just plain love sports, but are we too tied to this notion of the All Blacks as the only real show in town?

If the infamous wiki-entry vandalism is any kind of measure then there are some pretty concerned Kiwis out there who genuinely love their code with an almighty passion. And it's not hard to translate that depth of feeling over to other, probably smarter and more level-headed, individuals. But is it still all just a bit too much?

Let's face facts first though. New Zealand isn't exactly the most powerful country in the world. We don't have the best of much of anything, and that's probably why we love to throw everything into the love of Rugby. And at least we're winners most of the time.

With all that said, hasn't some of the saturation coverage been a bit too much? What the hell was the important thing about the World Cup, the game, or the marketing? Who bloody cares about what undies the players are wearing if they completely forget to kick and chase? Who gives a damn about where they're holidaying when their ball-handling is woeful?

Maybe we're just being whingers. Even the marketing guys have got to make a living too, right?

But do they have to appear to run the whole damn shebang?

And with that, bar the continuing podcast and blogging, it's over and out from the Dropkicks. It's been nice to entertain you, at least a little, and inform you, hopefully a little more.

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