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Hard News: The next four years

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  • WH,

    The RMS Titanic has been in the news again this week, this time linked to the QAnon conspiracy theory (which you should generally ignore).

    The Titanic sank in April 1912 upon hitting an iceberg during its maiden voyage across the North Atlantic. 1500 of her 2200 passengers and crew were lost; a sense of safety created by the compartment design of the hull contributed to the fateful decision to carry lifeboats for only a fraction of those on board.

    There was considerable interest in those passengers who had premonitions of the danger. You can read some of the 1912 reports about those people here.

    A fictional account of the sinking of a passenger liner that eerily prefigured the fate of the Titanic was written in 1898. The Wreck of the Titan, or Futility was similar enough to the 1912 disaster that many commentators credited its author, Morgan Robertson, with clairvoyance. Robertson himself said the similarities were explained by his extensive knowledge of shipbuilding and maritime trends.

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