Hard News by Russell Brown

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Hard News: Why we thought what we thought

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  • 81stcolumn,

    The inference in Cameron Slater's email that blogger and lawyer Cathy Odgers had any influence over that column is risible.

    So it is reasonable to infer that Fran and Cathy Odgers were in communication?

    Nawthshaw • Since Nov 2006 • 790 posts Report

  • Ian Dalziel,

    Didn't Hanover Finance sponsor our weather ?
    ...and promise to withstand it!

    Wind-sock puppets perhaps?

    Christchurch • Since Dec 2006 • 7953 posts Report

  • Dismal Soyanz, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    Wind-up sock puppets?

    Wellington • Since Nov 2010 • 310 posts Report

  • Joe Wylie,

    There are any number of stories in the past five years that we might now peel back and inspect in this light, and ask why we thought we what thought about those stories.

    Brian Edwards' spruiking for Hotchin seemed weird at the time.

    flat earth • Since Jan 2007 • 4593 posts Report

  • A C Young,

    If there is one thing that comes out of this that is positive I am hoping that no journalist will take anything that Cameron Slater says at face value.

    This is sickening.

    How on earth can anyone justify dealing with him after this?

    Wellington • Since Feb 2011 • 35 posts Report

  • Thomas Roberts,

    John Key was in regular contact with Slater.
    Its mind boggling

    Wellington • Since Aug 2014 • 2 posts Report

  • Ian Dalziel, in reply to Dismal Soyanz,

    Wind-up sock puppets?

    tick tock sick shock poppets...
    ;- )

    Christchurch • Since Dec 2006 • 7953 posts Report

  • Steve Parks,

    Have a listen to this Hooten v Boag exchange if you haven't already...


    Go to seven day catch up audio player, Sunday, 10.15...

    My guess is that Hooten is being so critical of people he sees as either involved in this stuff, or to be minimising it, or both, because he knows worse is to come?

    Wellington • Since May 2007 • 1165 posts Report

  • The Ruminator, in reply to Steve Parks,

    I understand he's pissed because he believes they're now messing with his business (I would post a link that I just wrote saying that but Russell has been very good to me so I don't want to linkwhore away from his site).

    Since Apr 2013 • 54 posts Report

  • stephen clover, in reply to Steve Parks,

    Go to seven day catch up audio player, Sunday, 10.15…

    Listen from about 10:09 until end of the hour! It's all great stuff...

    wgtn • Since Sep 2007 • 355 posts Report

  • BenWilson, in reply to The Ruminator,

    he believes they’re now messing with his business

    Which business?

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 10657 posts Report

  • Sacha, in reply to The Ruminator,

    link away, I say. We're used to reading stuff and coming back to discuss it.

    Ak • Since May 2008 • 19745 posts Report

  • The Ruminator, in reply to BenWilson,

    His PR business - Exceltium.

    link away, I say.


    Since Apr 2013 • 54 posts Report

  • Phil Wallington,

    How long until someone pings Odgers to the Law Society.
    Not of good character and repute sounds like it fits.

    Waikawa Beach • Since Sep 2013 • 41 posts Report

  • John McFadgen, in reply to The Ruminator,

    That's a startling, post Rum, even with the range of revelations flowing at present. Had my eyebrows up in my hairline as I read! If those details are as Hooton outlined them, it's accurate to call the culture in Key's office corrupt.

    If Slater gord rogue against Key, it's all on.

    Motueka • Since Aug 2014 • 4 posts Report

  • John McFadgen,

    Jeez - "goes rogue" !!

    Motueka • Since Aug 2014 • 4 posts Report

  • andin, in reply to BenWilson,

    Which business?

    PR. Or to get away from acronyms Public Relations. Is that a business??
    Bugger me!
    Too many people are getting paid far too much, for just moving their mouths and sounds comes out, which are pleasing to the ears of a certain sector of the population.
    Get a Job ...you lazy arse mofos. Who trusts Michelle Boag or Hooton??

    raglan • Since Mar 2007 • 1891 posts Report

  • Paul Campbell,

    Geez I go off to Burning Man for a week and it all goes to pot - woohoo! If it looks like National are going to lose it's going to turn into outright civil war as they fight for the right to be the successor to the crown no one will notice the left forming a new government. Maybe National need to put more people on their list just in case they run out.

    Dunedin • Since Nov 2006 • 2623 posts Report

  • Kracklite, in reply to stephen clover,

    Wow, Hooton neck deep in a sewage pond splashing about frantically trying to drive away the floating turds. Sorry, has everyone eaten already?

    The Library of Babel • Since Nov 2007 • 982 posts Report

  • Bruce Thorpe, in reply to Joe Wylie,

    That defence by Edwards caught my attention, too.

    Hokianga • Since May 2007 • 52 posts Report

  • Lilith __,

    We need a formal government Inquiry to unravel this horrifying mess, and punish those responsible.

    Dunedin • Since Jul 2010 • 3895 posts Report

  • CJM, in reply to Bruce Thorpe,

    Auckland • Since Aug 2014 • 107 posts Report

  • Rich of Observationz,

    So basically, a bunch of finance company directors stole money from NZ investors, and their mates in the National Party were complicit in bullying the SFO to help them wriggle out of their accountability for this. Not to mention several of these National Party people taking money to help out.

    I wonder how this will play with the fleeced investors, most of whom will be lifetime voters for that very same National Party.

    Labour and or the Greens should be promising legislation to make finance company directors retrospectively accountable and watching National standing up for their mates and contributors against ordinary NZers.

    Back in Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 5550 posts Report

  • Matt Crawford,

    I think at this point it's salient to recall what was happening in the campaign during the last election.

    At this point in the last election campaign, the police were threatening to order search warrants for TV3, The Herald on Sunday, RadioNZ et al - over a complaint by the Prime Minister. Over a digital recording inadvertently made in a public space literally during a media stunt put on for the press - a figurative media circus.

    The Police intruded upon our fourth estate during an election campaign over one of the most trivial complaints imaginable.

    And this time around?

    Not so much.

    Wellington • Since Dec 2006 • 58 posts Report

  • Trevor Nicholls, in reply to Lilith __,

    We need a formal government Inquiry to unravel this horrifying mess, and punish those responsible.

    Of course only a government that didn't need such an inquiry would be prepared to hold one.

    Wellington, NZ • Since Nov 2006 • 325 posts Report

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